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Chapter Introduction

As an online business owner, email marketing is a part of the foundation of your business.

But there’s a problem; most people don’t know how to do it right. They don’t realize their profit making potential because most businesses treat email as an afterthought.

What if you could wake up every day and see new orders pouring in through your sales funnel or online store?

What if new customers became huge fans of your business, spreading the word about how amazing your products and services are?

This can be achieved when you approach email marketing the right way. But again, most online businesses either ignore email marketing completely, or they pour countless hours into the wrong approach.

If you ignore your email marketing, or you’re just blasting out sales email after sales email, your results will be the same – little to no sales.

This is because – more than ever before – our lives are filled with potential distraction. Your business will get lost in the chaos if you don’t work on holding a place in your prospect’s mind.

Top of mind awareness is critical.

There’s so much noise on the internet that if you’re not staying at the forefront of your prospect’s and your customer’s minds, somebody else will be – and if you’re trying to build a business, the last thing you want is for your competition to have the bulk of your prospects or customers attention.

The way to do this is by creating a Return Path for your prospects and customers to lead them back, over and over, to your business.

Without a shadow of a doubt, if done correctly, this will have the biggest impact on your bottom line (for a lot less work than you think).

In Part I, I’ll get into the basics of what a Return Path is, and how to utilize one. Parts II – V will show you how to evolve your email marketing further into a relationship-building and moneymaking machine with Content, Relational, and Promotional emails.

Let’s jump in!

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