Amazon 101…

Did you know that 44% of consumers go directly to Amazon to start their product searches, bypassing search engines like Google?

And that 64% of US households have Amazon Prime?

Even more impressive, Amazon accounts for 43% of ALL online sales!

Don’t Derail a Sale — Answer ALL of Buyers’ Questions!

“One shopper in a recent study could not find the information he needed in the product description, so he left the site to search Google for more product information. In the course of his search, he found another site with the same product, a more complete description, and a lower price.”

–According to an eCommerce study done by NNgroup

Increase Amazon Conversions by…

  • Replacing Generic Statements. For example, rather than “All-Weather Sleeping Bag,” use specifics: “Keeps you warm between 20°-50°F.”
  • Differentiating Your Product. Highlight a feature or benefit that other sellers aren’t mentioning.
  • Adding Mini-Stories. For some types of products, a mini-story can enhance an overall product description.
  • Incorporating Sensory Words. Sell by appealing to the senses with words like rich, smooth, velvety, crisp, etc.
  • Sell by appealing to the senses with words like rich, smooth, velvety, crisp, etc. For example, “People can’t seem to get enough of X!”
  • Eliminating Buyer’s Guilt. Every buyer experiences guilt. Make it easy for them by explaining that your product is exclusive, essential, saves money in the long run, etc.
Hype Can Hurt! Prove It Instead…

“We have become so accustomed to hearing everyone claim that his product is the best in the world, or the cheapest, that we take all such statements with a grain of salt.”

–Robert Collier

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.

To maximize conversions, include a video on your e-commerce product page…

Helpful Hint:

The maximum character count for Amazon product titles varies based on category. Use all of your allowable space!

Product Title Formula for 250 Characters:

Main Keyword + Other Relevant Keywords + Benefit/Feature + Sales Copy *Don’t overdo it by keyword stuffing or reusing keywords

Product Title Formula for 100 Characters:

Main Keyword + Benefit/Feature + (Other Relevant Keywords) + (Sales Copy) *The last two are optional, depending on space–split test for best results

Great Amazon Product Title Example:

Kindle Paperwhite Case Cover – Blue Leather Stylish Cover for Your Kindle Paperwhite – Perfect Fit for 2017 & 2018 Models – Super Slim & Ultra Lightweight – Sleep/Wake Functionality – Magnetic Clasp – Worry-Free Protection with Our Lifetime Guarantee

Amazon Product Description Formula:

  1. Headline: “The Slimmest–But Toughest–Kindle Case on the Market”
  2. Subhead: “Protect Your Kindle from Cracks and Scratches, Even If You Drop It on Concrete…”
  3. Bullets: Aim for 3-6 here. Look at your competitors’ bad reviews to see what their customers are complaining about. Don’t call out your competitors in your copy but instead, use that information to write bullets that show how your product is different or better.
  4. Additional Benefits/Features: Describe these using the 3 B’s–bullets, breaks, and bolding–so your sales copy is highly readable.
  5. Strong Guarantee: Make the strongest guarantee you’re capable of making.
  6. Call to Action: Close by telling them what to do next!