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Part 02 – Mastering Your Email Marketing

The most important Return Path for your business is email marketing.

To begin, there are three simple rules that I suggest you follow to set up a properly structured email campaign.

If you do this, you’ll have no problem building a large, loyal following (a following of people where you better their lives) that is also eager to buy more stuff from you.

The first rule is that you should try to mail your subscribers every day. This is something that I used to do way back in 2005 when I created and sold my SEO Software product called SEO Elite. At that time, I had built an incredibly large email list of both paid customers, as well as free subscribers who had opted in to download my Value Pull, which was my free, 7-day eCourse on how to get people to the top of the Google search results.

At that time, my list size was around 250,000 people and I was mailing roughly every day.

Subscribers were opening my emails. They were clicking on the links I had in the emails. And they were buying whatever I might recommend to them in the emails. Everything was firing on all cylinders.

Then something happened…

That something was… I got lazy. I got tired of writing emails. I was even too lazy to hire someone else to write the emails for me. So I started emailing my list every other day. Then every 4 days. Then just once a week.

My reasoning, at the time, was I thought if I sent just one email – albeit a REALLY great, content-packed email – my subscribers would actually be more responsive and would like me and my stuff even more.

I thought that maybe emailing them every day was getting a little annoying…

Fast forward a year or so later and my email open rates (i.e. the percentage of people that opened the emails I mailed out) dropped drastically. In 2005, my open rates were upwards of 35%… and now, a year later, my open rates dropped all the way down to just 5%.

My once super-responsive list of 250,000 people where roughly 87,500 people were opening every email… dropped to just 12,500 opening the “once a week” email.

I bet you can guess what this did to my profits. They completely tanked! I started losing lots of momentum and relevance in the marketplace as well.

By emailing every day, I was staying at the forefront of my prospect’s and customers minds.

And by doing that, they would often talk about my products and services on social media and in forums and so on. But by emailing only once a week, I was slowly dropping off their radar. I was becoming far less relevant.

Right about that time, I remember hearing a recording from a well-known internet marketer with an email list of about 100,000 people.

He was giving a talk on the subject of email marketing. In his talk, he said he emailed his list a whopping three times a day! First thing in the morning, then around lunch, and lastly, just after dinner time. He said that it got to the point where if he only emailed 2 times in a day, he would receive emails from subscribers telling him he missed an email and they wondered if it got sent to spam or they just didn’t receive it.

He’d trained his subscribers to expect great emails from him… three times a day!

So, he challenged everyone listening to his talk to double the number of times they mail their own email list. He guaranteed that by doing so, they would see a dramatic lift in their businesses.

While mailing three times a day seemed a bit excessive to me, I decided to try and go back to mailing once every day.

Starting the next day, I began mailing my list of about 250,000 people every single day… and within just a couple of weeks, my open rates jumped right back up to roughly 35%!

No only that, but the profits from email marketing jumped back up to the previously higher numbers as well.

So, I’ll say it again. Rule #1 is to mail your list regularly. No less than 4 times a week, and preferably more if you can.

As long as your emails benefit your subscribers in some way, they won’t mind, and they’ll actually look forward to and appreciate your emails. You’ll stay top of mind, and you’ll stay relevant.

Think about it. If you’re emailing just once a week, the chance of them receiving and deciding to open your email is pretty slim. Your email could easily get pushed further and further down their inbox.

But, if you’re mailing every day, they’ll login to their inbox and see your name over and over and over… and the chance of them opening at least ONE of your emails increases dramatically.

This takes us to Rule #2, which is to send out 3 different types of emails.

If you’re only mailing promotions, they’ll get tired of being pitched over and over.

If you’re only mailing content emails, they’ll become conditioned to assume they never have to pay to get valuable information (i.e. go from their ‘before’ state to their ‘after’ state for free) – and when you do decide to sell something, they won’t buy.

So, vary the types of emails you send out.

The 3 types of emails that I recommend you send out are:

1. Content emails

2. Relationship building emails

3. Promotional emails (i.e. sales emails)

In the coming sections of this report, I’ll be giving you examples of each type of email, so you’ll have plenty of ideas on what to mail out.

The last rule of email marketing, Rule #3, is to make sure your emails are interesting.

It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many online business owners send out boring emails.

If you’re sending out garbage to your subscribers… whether it’s garbage content you can easily find elsewhere, or garbage offers that won’t actually better the lives of your subscribers, they will lose interest and you will lose credibility.

If you’re going to mail garbage, just don’t mail at all.

Every single email needs to be interesting. If you mailed 100 interesting emails and then went on a run of 10 boring emails… they’ll still lose interest and it will take considerable effort to build your momentum back up.

So, before you send out each email, ask yourself the question, “Would I want to receive this email from someone, or would it bore me?” If you think it would bore you, change it before you send it out.

Now that you have a general overview of our email marketing strategy, in the next section we’re going to go over the first type of email that I recommend you send out: Content emails.


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