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Part 4 – Relational Emails

The second type of email you should be using in your return path are relational emails.

Throughout this report, we’ve talked a lot about the importance of building a relationship with your customers. In business, the same principles apply as if you were building healthy human relationships in person.

The purpose of the relationship-style email is to expound on that core idea that it’s critical to build a stronger, deeper relationship with your prospect or customer.

The more they can know, like, and trust you, the more they will buy from you. It’s that simple.

Let’s go over the three different types of relationship emails that you can send your prospects and customers.

The Video Email

The first relational-style email you can send is an email that directs your customers to a video that you’ve created.

Video is a great way for someone to get to know you on a deeper level than just using text. With a video, your customer gets to see your smiling face and hear your voice. Video also allows you to become more than just a faceless name to your customers.

A great way to use videos in your emails is directly after someone purchases your product or signs up for your initial offer.

Here, you can re-introduce yourself by saying hi and welcoming them to your community. You can also thank them for their purchase and even do things like give them a short walk-through of your website, member’s area, or help desk – whatever you can do to prepare them to use the product or service that they just bought or signed up for.

My good friend, Dr. Charles Livingston, does this very well with his supplement company, Perfect Origins.

When someone orders a bottle of one of his products, he sends out a welcome email that directs them to a “welcome video.” In the video, Dr. Livingston

thanks them for their purchase, and then walks them through all of the various things on his website that they can use to get them to their desired ‘after’ state faster and easier. His customers love this helpful email!

Here’s what the email looks like:

You’ll notice that he does several things in this email.

The first is a subject line that would get them to open their email. He thanks them, and welcomes them in the subject line. The highest open rates on any emails you’ll ever send out occur with the initial “Welcome Email” – so make sure you use a subject line that makes it clear that email is the official “Welcome Email.” Doing so will increase your open rates.

Next, you’ll notice that the email is fairly short and to the point. You don’t want to overwhelm the customer with a book-long email. Keep it short and simple.

Included is a link that takes the customer to a page on the blog where there is a welcome video of Dr. Livingston who, again, thanks them for their purchase, welcomes them to the community, and then walks them through things on the website like the guarantee, the testimonials page, and the blog.

Next, he asks them to hit reply and send back a short message. This is very important. If someone hits reply to any emails that you send, from then on, your emails will reach their inbox and your deliverability rates will skyrocket.

Next, you’ll notice he’s made it completely obvious how they can get ahold of him, should they need more help and not want to email. If they want to speak to someone, he provides the direct phone number – letting them know he’s not a digital-only company, hiding behind a computer.

Lastly, you’ll notice he included a P.S. which soft sells them into another paid product.

I recommend selling something in nearly every email, but putting it into a P.S. and briefly mentioning it, almost as an afterthought.

Doing this won’t annoy your customers and only those that are interested will click the link and check out what you’re offering. That’s what you want!

The Social Media Email

The second type of relational-style email is the social media email.

With this type of email, we’ll be directing the prospect or customer to our Facebook page or group. These days, almost everybody on the planet has a Facebook or some sort of social media account. Most use it for personal use. So, by connecting with them on social media, you’re bringing together their online world with their offline world.

Doing that can strengthen a relationship almost instantly.

Facebook marketer Julie Stoian does a really good job at integrating her Facebook account into her email marketing. Here is a great example of how she not only delivers her initial optin offer to her prospects, but also promotes her Facebook page.

Julie currently has over 17,000 members in her Facebook group. While this is smaller than other groups out there, her members are super active and hang on her every word. They know, like, and trust Julie. Because of that, she has built an asset that not many businesses have.

Here’s an example of Julie’s initial welcome email:

The subject reads: Goodies Inside!

And the body reads:


Welcome to Create Your Laptop Life™!

You’ve signed up for something free: A workshop, PDF download, guide, coupon, somethin’! I give a LOT of stuff away, so I figured…regardless of what it is you came for, you can have all my freebies- right now! #christmas

– If you downloaded The Entrepreneur’s Treasure Chest, you can grab it right here!

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– If you wanted to request free hosting, welp – just follow the instructions to email us at [email protected]

Finally, I want to express personally that all of this is a passion project from me – Julie – who is excited to share with other people, how to find the path to financial and lifestyle freedom. You don’t HAVE to be subject to the corporate grind. There is a future that is bright, stable, and financially secure in the freelance world, and I want to invite you to the ride.

One last thing! My free Facebook group is a great place to get to know me and CYLL (that’s the acronym for Create Your Laptop Life).


P.S. I send a lot of emails with tips, strategies, discounts, recommended reading, etc. They are ALL good. I recommend creating a CYLL tab or filter in your inbox so you can read them at your convenience. However if lots of emails aren’t your thing, simply unsubscribe below and hang out with me on Facebook instead! Do not write to me and tell me I email too much. I know. I write them. 🙂

This email is great for several reasons:

First, it not only includes a download link to the offer that the prospect opted in for, but it also includes a bunch of other “goodies.”. As Julie shows, this is a great way to overdeliver immediately.

She also welcomes the prospect to the community and thanks them. It’s human nature to want to be a part of something. So, by welcoming them to a community, the relationship is immediately strengthened.

Lastly, you’ll notice she makes 2 mentions of joining her free Facebook group. Both towards the end of the email, as well as in the P.S. Julie hyperlinks various words throughout her email to the specific pages where prospects can download the items, as well as join her Facebook group.

The email does use some design and formatting, but it’s used sparingly and is mostly textbased, so it tends to hit most people’s inboxes – which is obviously what we want as marketers.

The Testimonial Email

The third type of relational email is the testimonial email.

This is a great way to build confidence in the product or service new customers have just bought. It’s also a great way to persuade those prospects still on the fence that your product will get them to their desired ‘after’ state.

One of the most powerful and effective methods of persuasion is simply being able to hear from someone that has already made the buying decision that you’re about to make.

This is why the “reviews” section of Amazon more than doubled their business in a very short amount of time. With the testimonial-style email, we’ll be leveraging this method of persuasion to

Get prospects to ascend up our value ladder

Strengthen the level of trust we have with new customers.

Another great way to use testimonial-style emails is to just list out a handful of shorter testimonials from people that have bought your product or service in the past. Then send that email out to current customers, either in the actual “welcome email,” or 1 day after that initial email.

Doing so is a great way to decrease the dreaded ‘buyer regret’ phenomenon, which will ultimately lower your refund rates. After a purchase, it’s normal for a customer to use logic to justify their initial emotion-based buying decision.

So by sending out an email showing how their buying decision worked well for others, you’re strengthening your relationship with your prospect and reaffirming their decision as the right thing to do.

In the next section, I’ll show you how content-based emails and relational emails build a strong foundation for the last and most important kind of email: the Sales email.


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