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Part 5 – Promotional Emails

Last but not least, the final type of email that you should be sending your subscribers are sales and promotional-style emails.

These are the emails that leverage all of the hard work you’ve put in and can bear you lots of financial fruit!

A good analogy I like to use when explaining the dynamics between the first two email types and the final type is that of your lawn.

I live in Ohio and our winters get pretty frigid. Our lawn goes from having to mow it a minimum of once a week to never having to mow for months.

In the winter the grass looks sort of brown and pretty dead. Our lawn looks pretty lifeless during the winter months.

But… did you know that during the winter, grass roots grow the most? The root system grows and strengthens during cold winter days so that once spring hits, the grass is thicker and stronger than ever.

The same holds true for email marketing. Those first two email types (content and relational) strengthen your bond and connection with your subscribers so much that when you get to the third type of email – the sales and promotional style emails – they work like crazy.

Now let’s get into the specifics of how you can hit it out of the park with this type of email.

Short vs. Long

There are two primary lengths for this type of email. A short email and a long email.

You’ll want to make sure that you switch back and forth between the two lengths to keep your subscribers engaged (and to test what works best for what you’re selling).

I typically use short promotional emails when selling lower-priced products or giving something away for free (and then selling something else on the backend). These products fall in the price range of entry-level or mid-range products.

With shorter emails, you’ll be promoting products that give a ton of value and are priced lower than your higher-end products and services – so your subscribers don’t need a whole lot of convincing before they choose to buy.

If you have a product that satisfies a need and gets your customer easily to their ‘after’ state, all you’ll need to do is endorse it, briefly describe what it is/what it does, and excite your subscribers enough that they want to click your link and visit your website.

Well-known internet marketer, Frank Kern, uses short, promotional-style emails very effectively.

Here is a recent email I received from Frank:

The subject read: Your $2997 credit

And the body read:

For a short time, I’ve given you a $2,997 credit towards my top-selling Ultimate Webinar Blueprint. (Which makes it completely free for you 🙂

I’ve recorded a short video showing you what’s in the training and you can see it here.

NOTICE: this offer expires soon

… so if you want a $2,997 training for free, claim yours here!


P.S. I’m limiting this because it’s all part of a new test. I (briefly) explain the test in this video.

P.P.S. If you were to go to my site, click on the “products” tab, and look this one up, you’d see it sells for $2997 right now.

But you can get it FREE here.

You can see the value of this offer appears to be a no-brainer. There isn’t much explaining needed to give away a course normally sold for $2,997.

Frank hyperlinks several of the words throughout the email to a web page where he has a sales video that explains his offer in more detail. He does the actual “selling” on the website and leaves the email to just get the subscriber to click over to his video.

You don’t need to overthink it. Keep the email short. Explain what it is, why you’re doing it, and how they can receive it.

If you explain the What, Why, and How in every short promotional email, you’ll be positioned for success.

The next type of promotional email is a long email.

These are the types of emails that you want to spend a bit more time crafting.

Long emails are generally longer because it takes a bit more convincing and pre-framing to sell a higher priced product that it would a lower priced product.

It doesn’t have to take forever though. I typically spend anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes crafting a long email.

After I write long emails, I’ll always read it back to myself, out loud, to make sure that it reads smoothly and there are no unnecessary words. I highly recommend you do this too.

For these emails, it’s good to:

● Spell out the features and benefits

● Explain the product in detail

● Describe and endorse it vividly

You don’t want to ask your customers to spend a decent amount of money without giving them plenty of information about what they’re buying. If you don’t provide enough information, at worst they may resent you, and at best they just won’t buy the product.

Here’s a good example of a long promotional email:

The subject read: How to create video ads in 60-seconds…

And the body read:

As marketers we all know a few things…

#1. Facebook ads are currently the most targeted and effective way to get in front of your prospects.

#2. Facebook ads costs continue to go up.

#3. Video ads perform insanely better than image ads.

So the question becomes…

How can I maximize my ad spend by lowering my costs, while at the same time improving engagement and conversions?

Simple. Using Clipman.

Josh Ratta, who invented this new software, gave us early access to do a few test video ads.
Dang. This tool rocks.

We learned early on that video ads outperform image ads around 30-40% better. Which is why we typically use video ads exclusively when advertising on FB.

What’s neat is Clipman helps you create attention-grabbing videos ads in less than a minute.

I like to think of it kinda like our EasyVSL app, but for creating video ads.

Loads of templates and audio/song tracks to choose from, plus it’s all integrated with FB ads, so working inside Clipman and getting your new video ad up and running is SUPER simple.

Massive time saver, plus the videos look stunning.

Josh is running a lifetime deal for a short time on the Premium plan (which includes unlimited renders).

After this promotion, the price will go up to $37-$97/mo depending on the plan you choose.

Checkout Clipman and start creating your video ads with ease – in less than 60 seconds.
To your online success,

Mark Thompson

P.S. We also have a bonus package if you do decide to grab Clipman through our link. You’ll receive 3 bonuses to help accelerate and maximize the Clipman tool for your marketing efforts. Go and check out our bonus package.

You can see that Mark has done several things very well in this email.

He’s written a subject line that’s intriguing enough to get someone to open the email.

He’s started the email with 3 important points that he frames as being true (which may or may not actually be true), but it’s framed as true because believing those 3 points would cause someone to be better positioned to purchase the product being promoted.

He’s spoken about the problem and described the solution in a very succinct way with no wasted words.

The email is mostly text, yet he does include 1 image to increase engagement.

He includes a bit of scarcity when he says: “After this promotion, the price will go up to $37-$97/mo depending on the plan you choose.”

Lastly, in the P.S. he includes some additional value for his subscribers to incentivize them to purchase the product.

By combining all of these elements, I’m sure this promotion did very well for him.

Remember, when crafting your emails, variety is key. This is especially true for promotional style emails.

If an email shows up in your subscriber’s inbox and you think they would say, “hmm… yet another sales pitch from Joe…” you know you need to start sending more of the other 2 email types (content and relational emails) to your subscribers.

Make sure your promotional emails have plenty of variety and aren’t predictable. Vary the lengths. Add stories to some. Don’t in others. Use shocking subject lines in some. Use more traditional peer-to-peer subject lines in others.

Lastly, never send several sales emails in a row. Always mix it up! It’s good to rotate between the three types of emails you’ve learned about: Content, Relational, and Promotional. Keep your subscribers guessing – so they’re always curious about what good stuff you’ll be sending them next.


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